Will automation take away all our jobs?

Here’s a startling fact…

In the 45 years since the introduction of the automated teller machine – those vending machines that dispense cash – the number of human bank tellers employed in the United States has roughly doubled, from about a quarter of a million to a half a million. A quarter of a million in 1970 to about a half a million today, with 100,000 added since the year 2000.

The above is a very interesting phenomenon and development trend that is also is reflected in the rest of today’s modern place of work.

The trend, in itself, poses a paradox. Machines are increasingly doing our work for us. Why doesn’t this make our labor redundant and our skills obsolete? Why are there still so many jobs?

The following talk, delivered by David Autor (September 2016 at TEDx Cambridge) provide some understanding and insight as to ‘Why this paradox exists?‘. In his talk, David, attempt to answer that question, and along the way indicate what this means for the future of work and the challenges that automation does and does not pose for the modern workplace… now and possibly in future.

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