Multi-disciplinary services available for students

Multi-disciplinary Career Center services available for students are mainly geared towards assisting, guiding and coaching individuals in preparing themselves to productively find and secure a job, that should preferably - already - commence during the first year of tertiary (i.e. post school) studies and/or training.  A PREPARATION activity, providing that...

  • a career path,
  • job search strategy and
  • initial professional network platform

...are already in place (for more information and  further details click here) to establish a unique personal branding, noticeable visibility, a trust by and sound reputation in the workplace.

Center service demarcations...


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SWOT-analysis to establish a harmonious environmental fit by identifying...

  • Strengths: specialized knowledge, trouble shooting and problem solving.
  • Weaknesses: Manage weaknesses by limiting cognitive dissonance and the Newton cradle trap.
  • Opportunities: generalist-specialist, independent-team player, self-organizing network and Oryx-way of life
  • Threats: avoiding a conspiracy workplace climate and Wild Horse-way of life

In order to conduct a reliable and an accountable SWOT-analysis, the following areas should be assessed...

  • resilience
  • aspirations/performance cycle
  • emotional maturity
  • values & priorities
  • legacy
  • locus of control
  • Learning an conflict management action model
  • Anxiety, fear, ignorance and stress

as forerunner information to a valid, trust worthy and reputable online business card, keyword driven résumé, targeted CV's and cover letters to apply for a job.