ACTNow! Execute your mission statements (SDS) while – simultaneously – start to establish, build and maintain a personal and professional Network, directed by your Value Statement.

Remember …failing to prepare, equals preparing to fail!

The preparation phase is the  phase for initiating the execution of all the plans and strategies identified and put together during the decision phase.

When preparation is sourcing from and guided by directive vision, mission and legacy statements,  preparation will productively made a dream career an eventual reality. However, in the absence of directive vision, mission and legacy statements, preparation becomes chaotic and eventually terminate in stuckness and derailments.

Apart from taking ACTion by doing and seizing available opportunities NOW, this phase is also characterized by continuously monitoring, evaluating and taking SMART corrections if and when necessary.

Mission statement key steps

Build your resources… the skills, abilities and competencies required to advance your development and growth towards a dream career.

Start live your CV and build, tweak or enhance your résumé with a unique personal brand, on- & offline visibility and establish trust by creating a sound reputation.

Get out there, and start by identifying potential professional networking possibilities. This is something that needs to be done log before you actually need a job.

The Career Networking & Job Board online podium contains plenty tips & tricks to productively establish workplace visibility.

A job search campaign is much more that merely blasting and loading your CV on every Job Board that you can find and/or apply for any vacancy that vaguely has the remote possibility of a pay-check.

This is equally as successful as placing copies of your CV in a shopping mall and hope that someone will pick it up and offer you a job.

A job search campaigning is a full time job, until you are able to find and secure a job in accordance with your vision statement. It is a strategic and targeted maneuver focused on potential job opportunities.