Minimum Requirements
Minimum requirements necessary to make productive and most efficient use of services offered by the Career Center

It is extremely unusual for minimum requirements to be set for services rendered.


This is quite a peculiar reservation but given the…

it is crucial to understand that probable answers and solutions can no longer be unconditionally provided and that each person should accept personal responsibility to search for probable answers and possible solutions themselves! Although the responsibility to obtain possible and appropriate answers must be initiated, managed and directed by the individual him/herself, it does not insinuate that the help, support, assistance and guidance provided by coaches, mentors and other specialists, cannot be used as handy “tools, aids, options & mechanisms or processes” to eventually obtain personal and professional success.

This – in no way – implies that minimum requirements are indicated to subtly determine who may and may not make use of the Center’s services. Career Center services are available to anyone who thinks that s/he can benefit from the services offered and the strategy followed. Minimum standards merely allow an individual to gain the greatest possible benefit from services rendered by the Career Center. However, when you are either oblivious of changes taking place or are quite content with “human” standardization, then minimum requirements will not be of any real significance to you.

BUT, when you want to sustain your core sense of self, your identity, your values and your priorities, then it is well worth the effort to incorporate and merge minimum requirements with your existing action models, especially when making use of available Career Center services.

Minimum requirements can be listed as follows …

  1. A habitual daily ME-time routine to secure an optimal self-development and growth game plan that will maintain a healthy self-determination and a balanced self-actualization cycle.
  2. A courageous willingness to critically question everything and all existing dogmas. Question everything, especially those things that doesn’t make any logical sense to you. Do your own research and explore to find your own truths.
  3. A thirst for and a determined-enthusiastic quest for wisdom based on a life-long learning demeanor to grasp, understand and contextualize the bigger picture.
  4. An attitude to deliberately discard anything that has no actual value, no real meaning, does not serve any purpose, makes you miserable and no longer is of any use to you. Such as old habits, old thinking, assumptions, stereotyping, psyche wounds and material stuff or possessions which you no longer need or benefit from.
  5. A purposeful career planning stance, focused on a healthy and balanced personal and professional life by creating and maintaining productive personal and professional networks.
  6. An inclination to simplify your life by frequently evaluating, re-prioritizing adapting or tweaking your personal points of view regarding the rat race, time constraints and success, which mainly source from a personal understanding of your own needs as is important to you… not as prescribe, conditioned or dictated by others, the culture and society.

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