Multi-disciplinary services available for learners

Multi-disciplinary Career Center services available for learners are mainly geared towards assisting, guiding and coaching an individual to become aware of, explore and understand his/her own unique kaleidescope of capabilities within the context of a possible future career path of choice.  A DECISION making unfolding - that might commence as early as Grade 7 - and which conclude in an eventual and logical outcome in Grade 12 with a preferred career path of choice (i.e. future vision) and consequently a job search strategy (i.e. future mission) that gradually becomes a reality when objectives are strategically obtained, goals are systematically achieved and potential (i.e. capabilities) actualized. Additionally, also take into consideration that it never is a waste of time - nor too early - to start building one's career and professional network.

Center service demarcations...

Group discussions and workshops is based on the principles of all people are the same and some people are the same.

All same... professionalism

Depending ons assessment outcomes discussion groups and/or workshops can be arranged to address and deal with specific situations.

For example... discussions what is expected in the workplace can be scheduled based on assessment outcomes.

Highlights are...

  • Self-determination & growth
  • Self-discipline & attitude
  • Studying methods & strategies
  • The changing needs of a modern workplace

Individual discussion facilitation and coaching sessions are offered with the aim to remove possible barriers that could prevent an individual from  taking responsible choices or make accountable decisions. Also to manage, limit or remove - if possible - various obstacles that prevent the optimal actualizing of an individual's potential (i.e. those things restricting the individual to become all s/he can be).

There are two-sides to any discussion, facilitation or coaching session-coin, to...

  1. identify possible barriers and obstacles (i.e. the diagnoses) and
  2. determine a strategy or or number of strategies that the individual could apply to successfully (i.e. in a productive manner) address and manage identified curbing adversities (i.e. the prognoses).

Individualized and customized sessions are mainly concerned with 3 main areas of assistance...

  1. coping mechanisms,
  2. life skills and
  3. a reliable support network.

...focusing on that which is nourishing for and which is toxic to the development and growth (i.e. actualization) of the individual.

Highlights are...

  • Learning dilemmas
  • Best learning practices
  • Optimizing potential & capabilities
  • Collect, evaluate & assimilate information

The essential purpose of this line of services are to assist and guide individuals with regards to self-exploration, self-understanding, contextual understanding and knowledge related to a present and/or possible future place of work. That will serve as a reliable and accountable source of information to DECIDE on a future career path, as well as the subsequent drafting and compilation of an effective future job search strategy.

Assessments are normally conducted on computer and a quantitative (statistical) report is generated from assessment results obtained, emailed to the person in preparation for a scheduled validation discussion and feedback session with him/her - and with his/her parent(s) or guardian(s), as applicable - which focus on identifying possible/alternative career paths and compiling subsequent and supportive job search strategies.

Outcomes (i.e. the qualitative feedback) of the above, should provide a reliable indication of the individual's personality, temperament and capabilities put into context with the needs and requirements of a modern place of work.

Time line and possible decision making steps...

  1. Secondary school scope (i.e. education/training) (Grade 7)  Focus is: personality & temperament (determining probable personality archetype)
  2. Subject choices (Grade 9) ⇒ Focus is: interests and possible specialized knowledge indicators (designation of environmental  taxonomy)
  3. Career path decision (Grade 10) ⇒ Focus is: Establish a future vision (i.e. life goal) & demarcation parameters (dreams and self-determination)
  4. Professional networking strategy (Grade 11 & 12) ⇒ Focus is: Determine a future mission (i.e. specific objectives), structure a job search strategy, compile a CPD strategy or plan and expansion of present capabilities (as foundation to sustain a productive Oryx-way of life)