The Career Center Multi-disciplinary Team

Educational Psychologist & Healer

Jan Viljoen

Specializing in ►Strategic Decision Making

Assist and guide individuals who decided to pursue an Oryx-way of life by tackling and overcome dis-empowering believes (i.e. Psyche Wounds), which are the main source of a persisting and unrelenting Wild Horse-way of life.

061 948 2882

078 985 0388

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Career & Life Coach

Herman van Zyl

Specializing in ►Strategic Preparation

Personal Branding, Professional Profile, Targeted CV’s, ..etc.

012 807 7887

082 924 9159

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Recruitment Specialist

Cathy Canary

Specializing in ►Strategic Excelling

Workplace opportunities and/or alternatives, either in the present (i.e. vacancies) or the future, mainly making use of the Networking Job Board as point of departure.

012 472 0033

076 171 6877

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Johann van der Linde

Specializing inClosing the Learning & Studying Gap

Focusing on basic learning, study and literacy skills for learners and students.

012 332 1366

082 539 0824

Equestrian Therapist

Anke Viljoen

Specializing inClosing the Body/Mind integration Gap

Using horses to strengthen & fine tune the body for an improved learning situation, that enhance concentration, …etc.

073 581 1062

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