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Derailments & Stagnation

Just a Job & Survival Existence

Following a path in life that...

  • ...unconditionally expects a 24/7 dedication for a "market related" salary.
  • ...requires a prescriptive and a demanding spiral of template experiences.
  • ...offer a bearable life with an illusion of comfort and security that suffocate  fulfillment and stunt personal growth.
  • ...take over and consume your life that leaves you in spiritual vacuum, emotional dessert and clueless as to what you are suppose to accomplish in life.
  • ...eagerly replaces life's meaning and purpose with consumerism.
  • ...places you in an endless job hunting cycle and a futile pursuit for happiness.
  • ...leaves you desolated, frustrated and wondering what happened to your dreams.
  • ...create a strict routine life that is uninspired, mundane, mediocre, meaningless and without any significant purpose.
  • ...depresses your soul, suffocates your spirit and bullies individuality.
  • ..."forces" you to love and admire people that uses money, status and power to bully others (i.e. toxic role models).
  • ...justifies itself by contributing to your pension, health plan and results in a "gold watch" at retirement as a reward for being a good and "obedient matrix slave".
  • ...involves working with  and amongst people that dictates, control and direct the "what-where-when" of your actions and activities.
  • ...makes your life, the community and the world at large a miserable & frustrating place to be, ...unless you can handsomely pay for something better.
  • ...prompts you to stray from the many joys and passions in your life.
  • ...negatively impact on and shatter your self-esteem and self-worth (i.e. weakening your self-determination).
  • ...erodes and dilute respect for yourself, others and human diversity.
  • ...makes you feel small, insignificant and a helpless victim of circumstances.
  • ...fosters money, things and status as the "real" source of confidence and security.
  • ...demands that you do what ever it takes to please other people, specially those responsible for your paycheck.
  • ...makes you feel stupid, birdbrained and inadequate, because you failed to follow the prescribed "life manual" and "work memorandum" literally.
  • pressuring you to curb & cripple your principles, ethics and values in favor of present day popularity trends.
  • ...deters your priorities and derails your relationships.
  • ...lacks challenges, curbs ambition, stifles uniqueness and inhibits personal growth.
  • ...turns you into someone that other people want you to be.
Daily Survival & Mediocre Exsistance

A survival existence implies that you...

  • ...limit and restrict applying your many gifts and talents for personal growth and to deliver contributions (i.e. mainly do as you are told).
  • things and get involved in activities solely for the sake of "placing bread on the table" and to increase your earning potential.
  • ...award others the right to determine what you should do and when, all in the noble spirit of...  "for the greater good of society".
  • and operate in places and environments that you resentfrustrates and demoralizes you (i.e. a toxic climate).
  • on dictated problems, issues and obstacles that you actually care very little about ...but, at least it earns you a living.
  • ...gain the same and repetitive experiences - year in and year out - that you hopefully assume will "look good" on your CV.
  • ...monotonously go through the daily required and expected motions.
  • ...invariably compare your own life with the fortunes and/or misfortunes of others.
Stuck with General & Memorised Knowledge

General knowledge,  regardless how impressive in quantity and comprehensive in variety, actually is of little use in either obtaining or achieving success in the real world.

The different faculties at "acclaimed" universities, colleges and schools - when put together - practically represents every form and shape of general knowledge presently known to man. Unfortunately, many of the teachers, lecturers and professors have little or no practical successes, because they specialize in transferring knowledge and don't dispense the "reality" value of knowledge within a particular context.

Thus, general knowledge - in essence - is merely memorized knowledge with a limited application value to overcome obstacles, solve problems and deal with issues constantly surfacing in real life as a result of endless change.

Modus Operandi for Stagnation

A stagnated modus of operandi is characterized by the following:

  • A constant uphill battle to keep yourself motivated, focused and dedicated to obtain even the simplest of goals and meet deadlines on time, ...unless there is an immense crisis of course.
  • Permanently busy - or at least appears to be busy - loitering around, without actually accomplishing much regarding the obtaining of objectives and the achieving of goals.
  • An ongoing and exhausting personal attempt to remain involved, motivated and to sustain some kind of productivity resemblance.
  • Aimlessly diddling around, without paying much attention to or even being  unaware of a looming crisis, possible obstacle, potential problem or surfacing issue... unless, "informed" by "others" to the effect.
  • Have to be bribed, threatened or forced to complete tasks in time meet deadlines, adhere to a standard or maintain quality assurance.
  • Expecting a market related salary simply for attendance and accumulation of an assortment of qualifications.
  • Continual and a smoldering presence of an underlying restlessness, frustration, hostility and agitation toward work related activities, as well as life in general.
Maintainer & Enabler Inclination

Maintainers are inclined to half heartedly address obstacles, tackle problems and deal with issues, only when duly instructed to do so by others in a position of power and authority. The rest of the time is forfeited by complaining about "the unfairness of life" with little to no intent of taking any durable action... apart from  the active playing of the blaming game.

Enablers tend to "encourage" people to remain static (i.e. discourage real and lasting inner change) and primarily deal with much needed change by focusing on "correcting" the environment, external or outer sources of conflict and/or difficulties.

The strategy mainly employed by enablers are to explore the situation and circumstances, identify valid excuses and/or reasons WHY things are the way they are and then formulate a problem solution strategy centering around the troubled person as the actual "innocent" victim of unfair circumstances.

The maintainer-enabler attitude (although very sympathetic, quite understanding and generally very acceptable) does nothing to address and solve real life problems. It often result in "letting the person feel better" - temporarily -  and improve his/her skills of playing a more robust blaming game. In essence maintaining-enablers are careful to avoid confrontations, the strain relationships or to rock the boat.

Evoke the Domino Effect

The domino effect is a chain reaction that often occurs when something goes wrong or in a time of crisis. The result can best be illustrated by the mechanical effect of a falling row of stacked dominoes. When one domino topples it keeps on pushing-over others, till everything conks in. In human terms it can be compared to situations such as nervous breakdowns, burnouts, acute depressions and/or the physical, mental & spiritual collapse of a person.

A Dream Career & Life

Following a path in life that...

  • ...rewards you well for your specialized skills, knowledge and passions.
  • ...provides and gives much more nourishing payoffs than it takes in toxic efforts.
  • ...places an keeps you on your desired career path, which allows for personal fulfillment and remarkable growth.
  • ...lets you experience that you are following and actually knows what you are supposed to be doing with your life.
  • ...makes your life meaningful, blessed, extraordinary and purposeful.
  • ...sustains a life quest that inspires your soul and cultivate your spirit.
  • ...makes you - on average - feel wonderful and tranquil.
  • ... results in a lifestyle that cultivates and nourishes your whole beingness of body, mind and spirit (soul).
  • ...compensates you abundantly for your time, effort, energy and contributions.
  • ...brings you closer to the individuals that you admire and the people you love. (i.e. nourishing role models).
  • ...justifies itself by making you excited, motivated, eager to start a new day, embrace challenges and handle change courageously.
  • ...involves you to work interdependently amongst and with people in a mutual beneficial and collaborative manner.
  • ...makes your life, the community and the world at large a slightly better place and environment to be in.
  • ...leads you towards and sustain the many joys and passions of your life.
  • ...positively impact on and builds your self-esteem and self-worth (i.e. magnifying your self-determination).
  • ...encourages a healthy respect, for yourself, others and human diversity.
  • ...lets you feel magnificent, empowered and in control of your life.
  • ... is an authentic source for your self-confidence and personal security.
  • ...doesn't let you settle for second best and allows you to make the most of who you can be by recognizing and continuously developing your inherent potential.
  • ...highlights and accentuate your best qualities, skills abilities and competencies (i.e. sharpening your specialized knowledge).
  • ...upholds your principles, ethics, values and allows you to live it on a daily basis (i.e. being able to walk your talk).
  • ...supports and strengthens your personal priorities and various relationships.
  • ...challenges, prompts and encourages you to grow, evolve and succeed in life.
  • ...turns you into the person who you were meant to be.
Follow your Bliss & Prosper

To blissfully prosper in life, implies that you are...

  • ...using and applying your many gifts and talents productively for personal growth and to deliver inspirative contributions to society (i.e. hacking problems).
  • ...doing what you actually love doing, and which ignites an actual purpose for and a real meaning in your life.
  • ...involved - at least 70% of the time - with activities that you enjoy and regard as important.
  • ...spending most of your time in places and/or environments where you prefer and choose to be (i.e. a nourishing climate).
  • ...working mainly with challenges, obstacles, problems and issues that you genuinely care about.
  • ...acquiring and gaining experiences that you cherish and from which you reap many benefits.
  • ...following your calling and fill your days with meaning and purpose.
  • ...continuously inspired to follow, live and pursue the life you desire.
Beget Specialized Knowledge

Specialized knowledge is a rich collection of digested, processed, filtered and applied knowledge, that efficiently harness acquired skills, polished abilities and mastered competencies.

Specialized knowledge - in essence - is the ability to sensibly identify a problem or obstacle (i.e. toxic event or circumstance), collect the necessary data and process relevant information. Which - in turn - manifest as the skill to truly understand "problem" dynamics within a specific context and the competency to organize, structure and deploy such knowledge efficiently to either initiate or implement effective problem solving strategies.

Specialized knowledge is the sound foundation and source of powerful troubleshooting techniques and problem solving strategies, both in the workplace and life in general.

Modus Operandi for Growth

The modus operandi for growth is characterized by being able to truly...

  • ...manage your own time, efforts and tasks independently as contextually required and without the dogmatic and autocratic "push" into unwise and self serving directions.
  • ...identify, formulate and establish SMARTER priorities (i.e. habits), objectives, goals and the bias to ACT on it SMART-ly.
  • ...and competently collect, digest and process information for efficient use when troubleshooting a problem, taking decisions in context and/or when implementing solutions.
  • ...accept and welcome the responsibility to contribute, cooperate and co-create alongside other people as a unified group or team.
  • insightful (i.e. higher levels of awareness) with regards to your micro and macro life environments.
  • compassionate, caring, committed, creative, honest, innovative, informed and supportive in the way that you act, behave and/or conduct activities (i.e. sincere attitude).
  • and lead others ably in your area of expertise (i.e.  specialized knowledge in action).
Hacker & Facilitator Inclination

A hacker have the habit & attitude to cooperate, co-create and take action in order to resolve annoying obstacles, persistent problems and drawn-out issues as experienced.

A facilitator primarily guide people to efficiently cope and deal with the many obstacles of change by assisting individuals to responsibly and accountable develop customized self-empowerment and psyche management strategies, which would allow the individual to implement, master and sustain a set of balanced life skills and coping mechanisms (i.e. healthy action models).

A facilitator - therefore - implies someone that guide others to greater efficiency - NOT MAKING THINGS EASIER - by compassionately coaching, assisting, supporting and helping troubled individuals to effectively regain control of their own life's and prevailing circumstances.

Thus, a hacker-facilitator, compassionately (gently) assist and guide individuals to think (digest and reflect) about their problems, possible solutions, various possibilities, alternatives and options presently available, and HOW they could benefit from implementation and the consequences if and when they fail to implement solutions in time (i.e. encourage proactive, rather than reactive behavior).

Evoke the Ripple Effect

The ripple effect illustrate a series of events and/or actions taken, which - like the ever expanding ripples on a pond, when an object is dropped into it - gradually enables you to grow, develop and deal with life's many up's and down's, while simultaneously helps you to sustain an inner equilibrium (i.e. balanced and healthy psyche management) to successfully deal with the many adversities of life (i.e. self-reliant empowerment).

Considering the above, Career Center service - on the one handsubtly reinforce the principle of 'Individual responsibility within the parameters of group accountability' which is an important foundation for a selected life and career path of development & growth. While, simultaneously - on the other hand - a life and career path of derailments & stagnation is delicately weakened by purposefully addressing and gradually phase out the destructive, toxic impact and negative influences of halting reactions.