Prepare yourself for a transpersonal workplace

8 April, 2018 carcenwizard 0

The rapid settling emotions economy is encouraging a definite distinction between the economic transaction and transpersonal services. Real value-add will occur person-to-person as basic economic transactions are already automated to a significant extent. This will enable a range of choices about the level of interaction that an employer – and […]

The Emotions Economy

6 April, 2018 carcenwizard 0

Currently the industrial economy (manufacturing & mass production) is over-the-hill, the knowledge economy (computer and knowledge systems) is in a rapid terminal decline and a new and different world economy is briskly emerging, which can be termed as the emotions economy. The epicentre of the emotions economy is personal responsibility, […]

Preparing for a career, not a full-time job!

10 March, 2018 carcenwizard 0

The full-time job – used to it as we are – is not a natural state of human existence. Before the 1800’s, few people worked a structured “work week”. The full-time job was dreamed up by early industrialists, who needed to bring workers together in a factory at the same […]

Is the death of jobs upon us?

7 March, 2018 carcenwizard 0

When one is keeping a constant watchful eye on country comparative workplace statistics – which is provided and updated by various organizations and institutions –  some interesting trends and intriguing questions bubble to the surface. Despite plenty of efforts – locally, nationally and internationally – regarding various job creation programs […]

Will automation take away all our jobs?

15 March, 2017 carcenwizard 0

Here’s a startling fact… In the 45 years since the introduction of the first automated teller machine – those cash dispensing machines – the number of human bank tellers employed in the United States has roughly doubled, from about a quarter of a million to a half a million. A […]