About Us

When observing the many unsettling signs of modern times with a conscious awareness, it is quite clear that our current social, political and economic structures are no longer sustainable and also are threatening the survival and harmonious existence of the human race as a whole.

Confusion, frustration, helplessness, unexpected and – frequently – unpredictable changes is a modern day norm rather than the exception. Especially the historically traditional manner in which we tend to earn our living… the workplace.

When we want to survive – let alone prosper – with just a bit of our human dignity and integrity still intact, it implies that each individual will have to rediscover him/herself and reinvent who s/he is. Particularly if  we take into account the exponential development, evolution and rapid establishment of a rising AI-workplace takeover.

Everyone – to a greater or lesser extent – involved with the Career Center realizes and believes that every person does have the inherent capability to re-invent him/herself and to deliver a valued contribution to re-create a human friendly society, on a local, national and international or global level.

We all can help – regardless how insignificant a contribution may seem – to help re-invent and re-structure communities and societies of the future. Providing… that each individual choose, decide and accept the responsibility of recreating his/her own portion of life on our planet and also accommodate the bigger picture.

Back in 1981 it was already evident that a gap is gradually – but steadily –  developing between job market requirements and the provision made by educational and training institutions to productively meet workplace needs. Since then the gap  has grown considerably and has evolved into an exponential growing full blown global crisis. Now is the time… to stop talking, discussing, speculating and pass the buck around. Each one of us have to take decisive steps to limit the destructive impact of the inevitable looming crisis… for ourselves and those around us.

This is a mighty tall order and it seems as if there not much that we can can do to fend off the pending self-annihilation crisis.

However – as proven time and time again – the human race are extremely robust and each of us possess the power to deal with and overcome many adversities.

Therefore, the main facilitation focus of the Career Center are founded on the following three key pillars of guidance and assistance…

  1. We cannot address and solve obstacles with the same kind of thinking and reasoning with which we have created the problems in the first place,
  2. Not teaching people, but to create and establish a network of opportunities in which people can learn and gain contextual understanding and
  3. Not to fill empty minds with knowledge and facts, but to transform a closed mind into an open mind.

…which will allow each individuals to be assisted, guided and supported to achieve an individualized personal and customized professional stance of optimal self-actualization.

The framework of services initiated and maintained at the Career Center to facilitate, assist and guide an individual to grow & nourish his/her inner SELF for personal & professional success, can be listed as follows....

Interactive (EQ)

  • Discussion Groups
  • Workshops
  • Individual Sessions
  • Action Scale Assessments
  • Healing Sessions
  • Open Days

Virtual (AI)

  • Online Assessments
  • A-Z Glossary
  • Networking Job Board
  • FaceBook/LinkIn/Google+
  • IdeaReef
  • FAQ Platform

Support Systems

  • ownCloud
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Monitoring Platform
  • Auxiliary Online Resources

As a result of the many changes that we are constantly facing on a daily basis, the Career Center and accompanied Multi-disciplinary Network of Services is a continuous work in progress.