About Us

The Career Center is an integral part of the broader AltanaESP multi-disciplinary Network of Services. The Career Center's multi-disciplinary team is specifically selected and structured to assist, guide and/or coach individuals (whether a learner, student or adult) to productively address the following...

  1. A realization that we all have a choice between following an Oryx or a Wild Horse career path in life.
  2. Encourage and actively promote a strategic awareness that constant and rapid work place changes actually creates plenty of exciting new career opportunities, while gradually eliminating present commonplace, mudane and routine job opportunities.
  3. At the Center, individuals are assisted and guided to ready and prime themselves for a future career path - and subsequent job strategy - to confidently...
    • decide and prepare themselves for a future career path that s/he presently don't even know will probably exist in future,
    • acquire and master competencies to make use of technologies that isn't invented, nor developed yet, and
    • overcome obstacles and troubleshoot problems that we don't even realize might be an issue in the future.