What could we expect from the future?

We currently experience alarming, rapid and fundamental transformations in the way we work, play, marry, raise children or retire!

Computers, applications, smart phones, automation algorithms and ‘thinking-machines‘ has already infiltrated – almost unnoticeably – every area of our lives and is gradually replacing many previously human dominated tasks and jobs. This transformation also profoundly change the skills, abilities and competencies that employers are expecting from their employees. Therefore, current expertise no longer implies the same thing as it did in the past, even as little as 3 years ago.


Any forecast of what a possible future place of work might look like, can never be conclusive. However, it is generally accepted and estimated that by the year 2030, ±85% of jobs presently known to us, will no longer exist and will be replaced with jobs that we – currently – do not have the faintest idea what the job might involve. At best we can make an educated guess, but there ain’t any certainty… because, one of the defining characteristics of present times, is its ability to surprise, confound and the promises of science fiction are promptly becoming an every day reality.


We no longer have the luxury to sit back, watch where things go and wait for events to unfold, before taking any action. To be prepared for the future, we have to understand what is unfolding on a national – as well as – a global scale. Specifically in the workplace arena. Our starting point matters just as much as our eventual destination, and implies that the best options might imply radical change, or perhaps just a couple of steps away from where we currently are. A resulting career strategy will inevitably imply that we mainly have to focus on our ability to continuously adaptengage with others in the process – and most importantly retain our core sense of our identity and values.


The many local, national and global forces shaping a current and future place of work – AI automation in particular – cannot be ignored by either individuals and companies …that is… if you intent to still work or be in business for – at least – the next 10 years. A friendly word of warning, though. When you choose to ignore the signs and continue to muddle on in either your personal and/or professional life, just be aware that all choices and actions have consequences and that your competition – mainly AI – probably isn’t doing the same.

We are presently preparing ourselves for jobs that don’t yet exist, to use technologies that haven’t been invented, in order to deal with, solve and overcome obstacles that we can’t even conceptualize at the present moment.

How can we possibly prepare ourselves for a future which can only be estimated with a slight degree of certainty?

Preparation key to UNLOCK personal & professional MAGIC....